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Funeral For My 20s (2016)

Premiered in Spring 2016

A solo by Sabina Perry

Performed by Molly Johnson

In my 29th year, I wrote down many scenes that I lived which struck me as cinematic or emblematic for the whole of my 20's. This piece is a goodbye to one era and a mix tape of my past. Each song is one story, each scene is one event. Everything that happens onstage has happened before. One year of a life, remade, and shown live. - SP

Created with the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and Hub 14.


elsewhere (2014)

Presented at Danceworks (Toronto), Danse-Cité (Montréal), Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts (Oakville), and Public Energy (Peterborough)

A group work by Heidi Strauss/adelheid

elsewhere takes inspiration from the anthropological concept of ‘affect’ – our human capacity to affect, and be affected. Felt within each impulse, expectation and encounter, this gives everyday life its quality of continual motion.  In elsewhere, everyone is simultaneously together and alone; the reeling bodies are guided by a collection of experiences, leaving behind a sensory imprint of all that is changing, vital and fleeting. 

Performed by Danielle Baskerville, Miriah Brennan, Luke Garwood, Molly Johnson, and Brendan Wyatt

Designers Jeremy Mimnagh, Rebecca Picherak, Teresa Przylbyski

Waving is Funny (2014)

Presented at the Festival of New Dance (St John's NFLD) and the Ralph Thornton Centre (Toronto)

A work by Tina Fushell, in collaboration with James Bunton, Valerie Calam, Luke Garwood, Brendan Jensen, and Molly Johnson

Performed by Tina Fushell, Luke Garwood, and Molly Johnson

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photo by jared reid

Him and Her (2013)

Presented at Kinetic Studio (Halifax)

A duet by Susie Burpee

Performed by Luke Garwood and Molly Johnson, with live musical accompaniment by Alex Samaras

Artistic Advisor Linnea Swan

The creative process began with a question: How do simple acts and gestures become meaningful? Through a series of tasks and structures that examined this question, a relationship and a narrative emerged. Theirs is a delicate intimacy best compared to siblings with a long history of tests, games, and rituals.  Through the lens of Him and Her, we encounter the relationship between meaning and that which is meaningful. 

Created with the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council.