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this is molly johnson

Posted on by Molly Johnson

welcome to my website. a lot of scheming, nitpicking, and good old fashioned work has gone into creating this special place. let it be known that james bunton, also known as the bee's knees, has made a significant contribution - including giving the all important push to get this project started - and i am so very grateful. i'm rather happy to be here. ah, yes, this is just another bit of brine in the endless ocean of the internet, but it's my brine, in all its salty glory.

i'm heading east right now, towards montréal and away from my city for the next six weeks. such departures are a regular event these days, and we wear them as well as we can. i bring tokens from home, to keep me anchored wherever i may land. i'd bring my food processor if i could, but postcards and letters travel better. this time round, a card from yoko ono's 2002 exhibit at the ago. a perfect painting for the road, a perfect image for this life, a reminder of all that is still to come.


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