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on the road

Posted on by Molly Johnson

we have been on tour for one week now. two shows in, eight to go. we have just arrived in amsterdam, our third destination.

touring is not always perfection. people are complex, travelling is hard work, dancing may be the easy part.

but it is a privilege. this is no ordinary life. we are at a great advantage. we get to share our story. art is our work, and we are privileged to bring that work to communities outside of our own. the impact of that cannot be ignored. i am privileged to dance in a park for the good people of flesherton, and to play at a grand theatre in the cultural centre of amsterdam. there is an absolute joy that i take in this pursuit.

and in the downtime, there is this. a corner in a cafe, a perfect glass of beer. a moment for myself. the barkeep beseeching me in dutch not to fall down the perilous stairs directly behind me, and me interpreting his concern as a command to pick a coaster up off of the floor. in another city, the locals gaping and the great pleasure of laughing in tandem with them when we get it all wrong. painting our tiny canvases to mark the occasion, to pass the time as we wait for what comes next. this is the sweet spot, this body of individuals, moving through this wonderful unknown.

i tell you, we are privileged.


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