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The Berlin Sessions are a collection of short videos created in Berlin during February and March of 2012. Based on the movement of Molly Johnson and the sound design of James Bunton, they represent the initial explorations of these collaborators.

"Air" is based around three short, repeating sequences of improvised movement playing back simultaneously. As the sequences vary in length, they repeat at different points, creating an almost infinite loop of combinations between the three.

During the weeks spent in an apartment in Neukölln, one of the constants found was the three times daily ringing of the neighbourhood church bells. Surprisingly dense, they would drown out all but the loudest sounds of the neighbourhood as they belted out their beautiful tune. We decided to capture this sonic flooding and use it as a soundtrack for improvised movement. The result is "Bells" - a tribute to the beast and a snapshot of the time.

"Radio" is based on improvised movement initiated from images collected in Berlin. A paper airplane, a boy listening to the radio.