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Born and raised in a small village on Cape Breton Island, Molly Johnson creates body-based performance projects and texts that investigate connection through the universal and familiar on themes of how to be. An emerging creator, she has had residencies at Toronto Dance Theatre, Lake Studios and Schillerpromenade 37 (Berlin), and presented work at hub14 (Toronto) and Kinetic Studio (Halifax). A Dora Award-winning dance artist, Molly has interpreted the work of such brilliant women as Nova Bhattacharya, Susie Burpee, Tina Fushell, Sharon Moore, Sabina Perry, Julia Sasso, and Heidi Strauss. She has spent a decade of summers performing in public spaces as a Dusk Dances core artist and was a key collaborator with Marie France Forcier/Forcier Stage Works from 2007 to 2016. Based in Toronto, Molly has also danced for Montréal’s Le Carré des Lombes, performing the work of Danièle Desnoyers across Canada and internationally on an ongoing basis since 2010. A Finalist for the Toronto Arts Foundation's Emerging Artist Award (2013), Molly is a co-artistic director at Toronto's hub14 art + performance works, and serves on the Advocacy Committee of the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA). Current projects include participating as one of eight artists in mini-residence at Dancemakers via the inaugural incarnation of the Peer Learning Network, a program for emerging choreographers, and curating League of Explorers, a “pseudo family slide night with a not-so-secret agenda of building the collective experience”. She is a freelance writer in the space between.

"I am most interested in how we can connect to the world around us through contemporary forms. I am interested in crafting reflections of our humanity, in exploring who we are and who we choose to be. My work as a dance artist is not just physical, but deeply linked to the person that I am. I aim to find the honesty in performance, to incite care and invite connection – finding this bridge between audience and performer is key for me."


photo by lauren jurek